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Ephedrine is similar in molecular structure to the well-known drugs phenylpropanolamine and methamphetamine, as well as to the important neurotransmitter epinephrine (adrenaline). Chemically, it is an alkaloid with a phenethylamine skeleton found in various plants in the genus Ephedra (family Ephedraceae).

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Having you been searching for a easy way to buy ephedrine HCL? Then look no further. Buy Ephedrine HCL Online has real, original ephedrine in stock and ready to ship.  Many customers have been emailing us to ask, “Is ephedrine legal?” The answers is “YES”.  Buy ephedrine online is licensed with the DEA to sell ephedrine to the public.  There are some states that restrict the sale of ephedrine and other states that restrict the amount of ephedrine you can buy. See the color map for what the regulations are in your state.  Orders placed where the shipping is to state that restricts ephedrine sales will be canceled. Orders over the legal amount allowed to your state will be adjusted to the legal amount.

Buy Ephedrine HCL Online is the only certified retailer of ephedrine online.  You can buy legal ephedrine in two different dosages of 12.5mg and 25mg.

The legal limit for the sale of ephedrine is 12 boxes of the 12.5mg EPHED ephedrine per order and 6 boxes of the 25mg EPHED ephdrine per order.  You can also purchase 24 packs of the 12.5mg in a 30 day period and 12 packs of the 25mg in a 30 day period.

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